AgChat Conference in Portland January 30-31
Dec 18th, 2013 by Grow With Tyson

The deadline is rapidly approaching for the AgChat Northwest Regional Conference  Jan. 30-31 in Portland, Oregon. Are you an active user on social media and interested in attending? Let us know!

Video: Family Farmers Making a Difference
Sep 5th, 2013 by Grow With Tyson

Family farmers who raise chickens for Tyson Foods discuss their values, their passion and the role agriculture plays in providing food for a growing world population. Learn more at

YouTube Link to - Family Farmers Making a Difference

Is Poor Drinker Management Costing You Fuel Dollars?
Jan 11th, 2013 by Grow With Tyson

We all want to figure out ways to save on heating fuel this winter, and one method we often see overlooked in the field is poor drinker management.

Wetting floors as a result of poor drinker management often requires growers to increase ventilation to remove the added moisture in the litter, resulting in higher fuel cost. This can sometimes be avoided with a little time and effort.

Please read this newsletter (PDF download) from Auburn University’s National Poultry Technology Center for more information.

Tyson Foods Announces New Audit Program to Help Ensure Responsible On Farm Treatment of Animals
Oct 12th, 2012 by Grow With Tyson

If you have not already, you should be receiving a letter about this new program:

October 12, 2012 – Tyson Foods, Inc., (NYSE: TSN) the nation’s leading producer of meat and poultry, today announced it is launching a program to personally audit the treatment of animals at the livestock and poultry farms that supply the company. The effort is in line with the company’s core value to serve as a steward of the animals entrusted to it.

via Tyson: Tyson Foods Announces New Audit Program to Help Ensure Responsible On Farm Treatment of Animals.

Speak Up for Ethanol Waiver – A Message from Donnie King
Sep 27th, 2012 by Grow With Tyson

Dear Growers:

As all of you know, this summer’s drought in much of the country has had a devastating impact on the U.S. corn crop. Since July, corn prices have spiked in anticipation of greatly reduced corn yields this fall. This will mean much higher grain costs for our company over the coming year. While nobody can control the weather, we can insist that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) temporarily suspend the ethanol mandate to mitigate the damage from this crisis. I am asking for your help in this important effort.

Over the last several weeks, our industry, members of Congress, and eight state governors (and counting) have petitioned EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson for a waiver to the corn ethanol mandate. As you are probably aware, because of this market-distorting mandate, about 40 percent of the U.S. corn crop goes into ethanol production each year. By suspending all or part of this mandate for one year, the EPA has the ability to ease the demand for corn and level the playing field for everyone that depends on corn to run their businesses. A waiver to the corn ethanol mandate is the single most significant thing the federal government can do to address this situation.

A few weeks ago, the EPA announced it was opening a public comment period on the question of waiving the ethanol mandate, which ends October 11. The agency also stated that it would make a decision on whether or not to grant a waiver within 90 days. This is a positive development, but we need as many voices in the poultry industry as possible urging the agency to make the right decision. I urge you to consider sending an email to the EPA before October 11 in support of a waiver. Attached, you will find a suggested message to the EPA that you can use, but feel free to add any points you’d like. If you do decide to submit a comment, here’s what you should do to make sure your voice is heard:

  • Send your email by October 11 to the following address:
  • In the subject line of your email, identify your comments by the following:
    Docket ID No. EPA-HQ-OAR-2012-0632

Thanks for your consideration.

Donnie King,
Sr. Group VP
Poultry & Prepared Foods

Here is a PDF version of this letter and a sample comment letter for download.

Hurricane Isaac — Standby Generator Preparation
Aug 27th, 2012 by Grow With Tyson

Standby Generators – PDF Download

Hello All,

As some of you in the poultry belt (especially East Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and South Alabama) prepare your homes and poultry farms for the effects of Hurricane Isaac, there is one particular item that may be of utmost importance. This item is the standby power generator on your poultry farm. There have been instances where the loss of power on farms claimed as many or more birds due to generator failure than the actual storms themselves. Making sure that your standby power generator and equipment is ready to run for days on end is extremely important. Cycling your generator once a week is usually not a problem, but what happens to a generator when it is called to run continuously for 1-7 days or more is a different challenge. Our most comprehensive newsletter on Standby Generators is attached to help you prepare your farm for an extended power loss. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Top Priorities:

  • Diesel Fuel & Fuel Filters

Thank you and good luck!



Jim Donald, Gene Simpson, Dennis Brothers & Jess Campbell

National Poultry Technology Center
Auburn University, AL


Testing Poultry Houses for Tightness
Aug 24th, 2012 by Grow With Tyson

Short video on how to test modern negative pressure ventilated poultry
houses for voids in the building envelope.

PTC Poultry House Lighting Tips – Energy Efficient Bulb Dimming
Jun 5th, 2012 by Grow With Tyson

This video explains how to properly set your poultry house dimmers for Cold Cathode and Compact Fluorescent bulbs to insure bulb longevity and energy savings.

Get Ready for Hot Weather Now
Apr 19th, 2012 by Grow With Tyson

After last summer, we all know how bad hot weather can get. We can hope that this summer won’t be so bad – but it would be foolish not to do everything we can reasonably do to be ready for another long, hot summer. Checklists are a great way to keep on track and set priorities on servicing equipment and houses. This newsletter provides handy one-per-page checklists for preventative maintenance on the most critical parts of a poultry house environmental-control system: Fans, Evaporative Cooling, Electrical Systems, and the Backup Generator.

Auburn NPTC Newsletter No. 76, “Get Ready for Hot Weather Now,” is attached. Click below.

Get ready for hot weather now (PDF)

NPTC Poultry Farm Generator Service Tip
Mar 9th, 2012 by Grow With Tyson

This is a short educational video outlining the top-three generator-service tips that can help keep standby generators running or help revive them during periods of extended generator runtime due to unexpected utility power outages.

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